Diesel Shirts Are Slimming Down Sexy

Snap over collars, slim fit, and designed with great styling are what Diesel shirts are all about. Whether the shirts are zip up sweatshirts, hoodies, or dress shirts that complete a suit ensemble, Diesel shirts are a cut above the rest when it comes to style.

One of the most popular Diesel shirts is the classic polo, done Diesel style. The trendy polo is slim fitting, has a slightly textured finish, and the classy button up (or down) collar. High hemmed sleeves complete the slim, stylish look of their polo, and they come complete with a Diesel design on the upper left chest.

The Diesel sweater is not your knitted sweater that you pull out of Aunt Estelles box on Christmas morning. This sweater is a swank pull over hoodie, with pockets at the bottom in front, a hood hanging on the back, and is thin and slim Diesel doesnt play around with the thick, baggy, stuffy hoodies of years past. The Karra hoodie is a full zip up hoodie that again is slim, not thick and bulky. A great feature of this hoodie is the fact that the latest style is fully reversible, giving you two slim shirts in one.

Along with Diesel shirts, Diesel jackets are available to complete your slim look. The Diesel jacket has high arm holes, slim design, and pockets stuffed in all the right places that make it irresistible to Diesel fans. The Diesel Rainbow jacket boasts a design of stiff denim that will break in easily. What could be better than combining the famous Diesel denim with the classy denim jacket?

The Diesel Sovente Shirt is an all cotton oxford shirt with tonal graphics and contrast buttons to boot, and of course, the fit is a slimmer fit, going right along with the hot look this year for guys. Diesel t shirts stand true to the classic demure of the t shirt while refreshing it with a look that is pure Diesel. The t shirts are slim fit, 100% cotton, and decorated with little hints of independent self expression.

Diesel shirts are incredibly popular not only with men, but with the ladies also. Whether you are looking for a big, oversized comfy Diesel shirt or a thin, tight fitting, navel length t shirt, Diesel has it all for women. The tank tops with graphic art on them are perfect for super hot summer days, or the elegant choices from the Black and Gold collection will serve you just fine with their 3/4 length sleeves and longer length. Whether the look is relaxed and countrified or dynamically sexy and elegant, Diesel shirts are exactly what every lady needs in her wardrobe.

Diesel shirts for kids draw the attention of people everywhere, whether they are in an online catalog, hanging from a rack, or being worn by the greatest looking kid ever to sit in a stroller. The Diesel shirts for kids are miniature versions of much of the same clothes found in the line for men and women. The simple graphics and slim design never compromise comfortability, making Diesel shirts the ultimate shirts and jackets for anyone of any age.