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Price Range Of Silver Star Goods

Silver Star clothing and apparel is one of the leading, and dominating action sports brand today. Being endorsed by UFC fighters like Anderson Silva, Thiago Silva, and Rashad Evans, and also boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, it’s no surprise that this brand is one of the more highly valued and expensive line among all other sports fashion brands. But the Silver Star products, mainly the shirts, shorts, tanks, and hoodies, are exclusively designed and are notable of their fine selection of color and elaborate printing. The shirts 100% cotton made, and some of these come with gold accents and special edition monograms.
The prices vary per item group. And with rising demands, prices have dropped and more of these classy items are of easy reach. The Silver Star t-shirts, which are more frequently bought than the other products, are sold at about $85. The shirts come in basic and deep colors of black, gray, white, red, and orange, and are laid with fine large prints that somehow resemble modern tattoos. The shirts that are less complex in design only sell for $60. The brand’s shorts are a must-buy, being one of the official shorts for Mixed Martial Arts, and very useful for both arena and water sports. The shorts, which have very complex and artistic designs, and are made with quality cloth, are sold at around $90-$100. The Too Tough To Die, and the Sangria shorts are especially notable for their colorful, and eye-catching prints.
Silver Star also produces body-hugging ladies’ tees that are comfortable to wear and are very trendy. Each of the tees cost from about $80-$90 and are designed with appealing hues of either aqua, gray, sky blue, camouflage, and more. The best among the ladies’ tees are the Manny Pacquiao Rising Sun tee in blue, and the sexy Duane Vest tee. and the ladies’ Yoshihiro Akiyama tee and the JBJ Radiance tee. The brand’s hooded jackets are remarkable as well. They’re hip, warming, and artistically designed just the same. They match well with jeans, and the brand’s shorts. The hooded jackets are sold at about $160 each. The brand’s Jerseys on the other hand, only cost a hundred bucks each, and they come in V-neck cuts with no sleeves.